SIngle Bowl  Kitchen sink

Dimensions: 30"x18"x9"

-Stainless Steel-

Standard Under-mount Sink that shines and changes the looks of your kitchen. Durable, beautiful and useful. 

Small Kitchenette sink

Dimensions: 22"x16"x9"

Your sink​

            The sink that you pick can make or break the beauty of your counters, not only is the sink as necessity but its also an accessory in in your kitchen,bathroom or kitchenette. There three important factors to look for when picking out: Durability(heat and scratch resistance), finish, and style.   In our 15 years of being in the granite business, we will say that the price of a sink will show a big difference in quality and durability of a sink.  

There are many types of sinks with unique styles. Its up you to pick the right one for project. We in our services will provide a sink for you which is installed during the installation of your new counters. 

Kitchen sink 60/40 split


50/50 split kitchen sink

Dimensions: 30"x18"x9"